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What is Fearless Video?

Posted on 14 January 2019

What is fear?  It is said that fear is false evidence appearing real.   Webster defines fear as “an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and potentially painful.”

Basically, fear is an emotion.  Emotions are something that we make ourselves and allow ourselves to feel.  Emotions are a product of our minds. They are there, but there is no substance to them that we cannot overcome.   Your thoughts may cause stress or make you feel bad, but they are just thoughts. It’s all In your mind. We can control our emotions and our thoughts.   It takes a little effort but it is something that everyone can do and master.  

That control begins with the knowledge that the thing(s) you fear may not feel good, but they cannot physically harm you.  Fearless is defined as being bold, brave, courageous and valiant. There is one major myth that most people have not figured out.  This small realization can change your life and give you the ability to achieve limitless possibilities.

Notice that the definition of fearless is not being without fear even though that is what most people believe.  To be fearless, you must simply have the personal strength and fortitude to push past the unpleasant emotions that you manufacture yourself.   Basically, ANYONE can be fearless.

For some reason people promote the belief that we all must lose our fear to become the powerful and positive people that we were meant to be.   That just isn’t true. To become fearless, you must understand your fear and be strong enough and have enough self-disciplined to push forward, past the fear, and do things in spite of your fears/ feelings.   Mastering this skill is the key element to making the change from an underachiever to a successful entrepreneur and millionaire. It will open up a world of achievement that will change your life.

You ask…”How do I do this?“   I’m not going to tell you that it’s easy and effortless.   That would be a lie. I WILL tell you that it is achievable to those who try and that anyone can do it.   It is simply a matter of awareness and developing your self-discipline. Joyce Meyer, a world renowned inspirational speaker has coined a phrase that says it all:   “Learn to do it afraid.” We always assume that great speakers and performers are fearless people who have extraordinary skills and talents who never have fear, problems, or difficulties.   That is just not true. Joyce says that after 25 years of doing the same thing, she is still nervous and EVERY time she steps out on the stage. I’ve heard many other famous people say the same thing.  These people are great achievers because they have come to anticipate the fear and they have mastered the self- discipline necessary to get past it. . These people are just like you and I. In many cases, they are not the most talented or skilled people in their field.  They simply are those who understand their fears and they have mastered them by just doing things in spite of what they think or feel.

Just because you think something is bad or scary doesn't mean that it will be.   In fact 80% of what we fear or worry about never really happens. So, we know that all of the things we fear are not likely to happen, and we know that the fear is uncomfortable, but it cannot hurt us.  It may not “feel” that way but this is true and proven fact. All we have to do is to put this knowledge and the way we “feel” all in perspective. We have to remind ourselves constantly that the fear is just another emotion and it won’t hurt us.  The philosopher great Frederick Neitzche once said: “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Just like learning to ride a bike, or your first kiss, the ability to get past the fear will become second nature to us. No, the fear may never go away, but and after some time, we will barely even notice it.  Whether the fear is great or small, we will be able to easily conquer it. It will become just another step in the process of being a success.. Understanding and mastering fear can open up your life to possibilities and achievements that you never dreamed of. Breaking through this boundary is liberating.   You will see the transformation in your life and in your career as an entrepreneur.   Confidence is key, and it will bring opportunities that you never dreamed of. Welcome to the world of being FEARLESS!

By: Dr. Karen P.  

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